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Finding the Right Lease
The Open End Lease or TRAC Lease is our most popular choice. The Closed End or "Walk-Away" Lease is suited for lessees who need to minimize risk and set a defined termination point. Finance contracts are available for your consideration when this is the best method to meet your funding goals and objectives. Of course, we know there are many factors to weigh. GPD Capital Services works hard to help sort through what's most important your unique situation.

Open End Leases
Are generally appropriate for fleets that allows you to pay less per month and enjoy flexibility, but your company assumes more risk for depreciation.

The advantage of this approach:
  • More capital is freed up for other expenditures.
  • Greater flexibility if your needs change.
  • Opportunity to take advantage of positive reseller market situations.

Used Fleet Funding

Same Options, Lower Cost

Leasing isn't just for new vechicles. You can still select the leasing option best suited for you, but apply it to a lower cost, used vechicle.

Since most vechicle depreciation occurs during the first year, your vechicle asset will be much closer to its true market value at the point of lease inception. Not only will this result in a lower lease payment, but could also lower your insurance premium and residual risk.

Network of Used Vechicles
Over the years, GPD Capital Services has put together a remarketing channel that allows us to purchase virtually any used vechicle at or below wholesale cost. Whether you need an Impala in California or a pick-up truck in Rhode Island, GPD can deliver the vechicle to your front door.

Many Advantages
For Many clients, a used vechicle option is the perfect solution to their fleet needs. In addition to lower payments, used vechicle leases:

  • Maintain the manufacturer's Warranty. Generally, the warranty stays with the vechicle and in late model used cars, still has significant life left. On older vechicle, GPD has used car warranty plans available.
  • Usually do not incur significantly higher maintenance costs. You simply continue your normal lifecycle. If you keep vechicles 3 years and/or 60,000 miles and you buy a one-year vechicle with 15,000 miles, you now have a cycle of 2 years and/or 45,000 miles. You simply add the vechicle to your current maintenance management program.

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As a Fleet User and GPD customer, your company can save thousands of dollars by Factory Ordering your SUV'S, Cargo Vans, Passenger Vans, Vehicles, and trucks.  You enjoy these savings because GPD Factory Ordering System allows you to order the options you want directly to the manufacturer. 

The order usually takes 8-10 weeks for delivery to a dealer near you. Savings are due to no advertising nor finance charges are in the GPD factory wholesale invoice.  Also as a fleet customer, you will receive maximum incentives that are deducted from the Factory Invoice.

2019 Cadillac XTS, Lincolns Continental, Chevrolet Suburban, & Cadillac Esclade Livery ESV are frequently ordered.

Please ask your GPD account manager for details.


"You made that happen, with your quick response and your relationship with the dealership to have them pull out all the stops as well."
 ~ K
enneth P. Hurst, CFO
Bauer's Transportation

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