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GPD Capital Services was created in 1982 and has funded THOUSANDS of businesses', commercial equipment and fleet.  Our mission is to capture the essence of our customers' desires for their funding programs now and in the future and deliver premium service to fulfill those desires. We pay great attention to the “art of listening” to make sure we deliver the correct funding program for our clients. Integrity is at the heart of all we do. Growth, Potential and Development are what GPD stands for.
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When you consider the service side of the equation, GPD is unsurpassed in delivering  quality services with your goals in mind and are outlined below:
*Account Executives are Accessible. Prompt service BEFORE & AFTER the transaction is our driving force.


Finding the Right Lease
Open End Leases
Used Fleet Funding
Network of Used Vehicles
Trucks/Shuttles/Sedan/Tow Trucks
Maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.
No higher maintenance costs.

Maintenance Cost.
Personal Credit Reporting.
Lines Of Credit.
Experts at Explaining.
Master Lease.
Vehicle and Truck Description.
Pricing Expertise.
Title Retrieval Services.
Application Only.
Full Financial Submittal Programs.


Funding Examples 

  • Coach Bus
  • SUV Stretch & Limousine
  • Sedans: Town Car, Cadillac
  • Passenger Vans. Shuttles
  • Executive Sales Vehicles
  • Taxicabs, School Buses
  • Ambulances, EMS & related
  • Trucks with conversions
  • Computer, Phone
  • Software and Maintenance
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As a Fleet User and GPD customer, your company can save thousands of dollars by Factory Ordering your SUV'S, Cargo Vans, Passenger Vans, Vehicles, and trucks.  You enjoy these savings because GPD Factory Ordering System allows you to order the options you want directly to the manufacturer. 

The order usually takes 8-10 weeks for delivery to a dealer near you. Savings are due to no advertising nor finance charges are in the GPD factory wholesale invoice.  Also as a fleet customer, you will receive maximum incentives that are deducted from the Factory Invoice.

2020 Navigator, Cadillac XTS, Lincolns Continental, Chevrolet Suburban, BMW Sedan & Cadillac Escalade Livery ESV are frequently ordered.

Please ask your GPD account manager for details.


"You made that happen, with your quick response and your relationship with the dealership to have them pull out all the stops as well."
 ~ K
enneth P. Hurst, CFO
Bauer's Transportation

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